Truth About the Bond

Beginning in October, 2007 when the bond steering committee initiated its work and continuing forward, the Klein ISD has presented factual and complete information about the upcoming bond election. Information has been available in print, on the district website, and through group meetings. I have personally stressed the importance of factual and complete information, because it is important for the Klein community to make an informed decision.

Recently I have read information circulated within the community that is either factually incorrect, incomplete, or both. Please take a moment to read the information below.

Circulated Information: Taxes will increase by 16 percent in KISD

Factual Information: The bond is projected to raise taxes from the current $1.26 to $1.46 over a four year period, or roughly five cents per one hundred dollars of value each year. The $1.46 tax rate is lower than the tax rate last year and the lowest since 1993.

Circulated Information: Klein will have one of the 10 highest debt service loads in Texas 

Factual Information: School districts establish their tax rates during the summer months or in early fall of each school year. At this time, it is not possible for anyone to know how the Klein tax rate will compare to the other school districts in Texas next year, or four years from now. The circulated information has no factual basis.

Circulated Information: The 2012 bond is planned for over $ 500 million

Factual Information: The district has not planned the next bond, whether for 2012 or any other time

Circulated Information: Architects and construction companies benefit, but not teachers and children.

KISD Factual Information: The purpose of the bond is to provide adequate capacity to meet the needs of a rapidly growing student population through new schools, renovations of existing schools, technology, and safety/security equipment.

Circulated Information: Klein ignored the demographer’s recommendations

KISD Factual Information: The school district worked closely with the demographer in all aspects, and received the full support of the demographer in projecting enrollment during the bond period. This projected enrollment is what determined how many schools were needed over the next four years. 

Circulated Information: The district hid the date of the bond election to coincide with Mother’s Day on May 10.

KISD Factual Information: Dates for elections are set by law, pursuant to the Texas Election Code. School districts holding bond elections in this election cycle, such as Klein, Conroe, and Humble, must, under state law, do so on the second Saturday in May, i.e., May 10. The district has published this date for several months in all forms of communication, whether print or electronic.

Circulated Information: The major renovation of Klein High will cost $150 million and is without an engineering recommendation.

KISD Factual Information: The construction budget is $112.3 million. The engineering report quoting $17.9 million of needed Klein High repairs also included many items that were deemed “not feasible to correct.” Thus, the consulting architect and engineering team recommended a major renovation of Klein High School to the administration. The matter was then discussed with the bond steering committee.

Circulated Information: KISD does not competitively bid all projects

KISD Factual Information: This is clearly false. The KISD follows all bid laws without exception.

Circulated Information: This bond does not address overcrowding and builds the wrong schools in the wrong places KISD

Factual Information: The district employed a demographic firm to study growth in the KISD over the next ten years. The district worked closely with the demographer in all planning aspects. Classroom capacity is addressed in the bond by building schools to meet enrollment projections. Schools will be built in the most rapidly growing areas of the school district.

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