College-Career Readiness
Campus Dual Credit Counselors
Klein HS  Melissa Paris
Klein Collins HS Melissa Coleman 
Klein Forest HS Michelle McCharen 
Klein Oak HS Kelly Medlin

Campus Career CTE Counselors
Klein HS   Susan Weatherton 
Klein Collins HS  M'Lee Brooks
Klein Forest HS  Carolyn Dupuy  
Klein Oak HS Marcella Sauter

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Credit by Exam (CBE) WITHOUT Prior Instruction
CBE without prior instruction is for students who have subject matter knowledge in a course and want course credit in lieu of course enrollment during the school year. Visit the Klein ISD Student Assessment website for more detailed information.
Klein ISD and Lone Star College Partnership
Klein ISD is happy to partner with Lone Star College-University Park to provide students with imbedded dual credit courses as well as offer off-campus and online dual credit opportunities.
Click here to review dual credit courses from University Park
Length of Post-Secondary Study
The assumption is that a bachelor's degree is obtained after four years in college, but that is not necessarily true--for most. This great website provides four, five, and six-year graduation rates of schools across the country. Information is also broken down by gender and ethnicity.
Click here for the College Results Databank
It is never too early for students to begin thinking about what they will do after high school. College readiness starts in kindergarten!

As a rule of thumb:

Elementary school students need to become aware of the concept of higher education and understand its benefits.

Intermediate school students should investigate the higher education options and consider those closely related to their interests.

High school students must be sure to take challenging courses, including those required by colleges (as appropriate). They also must follow all of the application processes associated to their chosen course of study or field. Click below for descriptions and examples of the many options available.

Click here for a description of Higher Education Options and examples.
Students: Want to Make Your College Dreams a Reality? Start Here. Own Your Own Future.

Automatic Admissions

The state of Texas has written specific details regarding automatic admission of certain students to general academic teaching institutions as provided by Section 51.803 of state law.
Click here to read the state law.

Standard Admissions Requirements

Students: Check to see if you are "on track" to meet college entrance requirements to your selected college. Also check to see how you "stack up" to the college freshman who have been selected by your university of choice. Use your College Board log in or create a user profile if you have not already done so. Then search for the "Academic Tracker". You will be able to select a college, see the average high school GPA accepted, visit their website to view their "core" curriculum and the curriculum of your desired area of study, and you will be able to see the average accepted SAT and ACT score of their freshman class.
College Board: "For Students" Home Page
Academic Planning
“What do you like?” Match what you like to do to possible careers
College Grazing: Finding A College
Café College: For Grade 6-12 Students & Parents
Planning Timelines for Students, Parents, & Adults Going Back to school
Education Planner: Life After High School
Planificar Para La Universidad (español)
Affordability Planning
What Will College Run You? Search Annual Expenses for Any U.S. College/University
College Navigator: Get Prices on everything-from tuition to room and board
College Insight-Create Your Own College Comparative Analysis Chart
Find A Career--Plan & Pay for College
Explorar Carreras (español)
Get Help Paying For College
Obtenga ayuda con el pago de los estudios superiores
Student Guide to Financial Aid
Fun, Interactive Student Resources
Reality Check: How Much Can Your Career Choice Afford?
Play Financial Football!
Jugar al Fútbol Financiera (español)
Play Financial Soccer
Jugar al Fútbol Financiera (español)
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