Dual Credit
Imbedded Dual Credit
The Klein ISD offers imbedded full-year dual credit courses. This means that Klein teachers are also college professors and students enrolled in an imbedded dual credit class will have the class as part of their daily class schedule. Imbedded dual credit courses in the chart below are marked with an *.  In the matter of College Algebra, it is important to note that College Algebra is not a dual credit equivalent to high school Algebra 1 and receives dual credit on the high school transcript if it is taken as an imbedded course.  College Algebra taken off campus is a "college-credit only" course.  Three hour semester collegiate courses taken at the college or as concurrent enrollment cannot transfer as full-year ISD replacement credit. Before enrolling in a collegiate course, it is advised that students/parents speak to the high school dual credit counselor for guidance and information.
Klein ISD Class   Lone Star-UP Course  
English III* ENGL 1301 & 1302
English IV* ENGL 2322 & 2323
U.S. History* HIST 1301 & 1302
U.S. Government* GOVT 2305
Economics ECON 2301
Sociology SOCI 1301
Psychology PSYC2301 
Art History* ARTS 1303
Indep.Study/Math* MATH 1314
Pre-Calculus* MATH 2412
Biology* BIO 1406 & 1407
Anatomy & Physiology*  BIO 2401 & 2402 
Correctional Services* CRIJ 2313
Court Systems & Practices* CRIJ 1306
Important Information
Step-By-Step Application Instructions
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Eligible high school students are offered an opportunity to earn college credit while simultaneously completing high school requirements. Dual credit students have an opportunity to earn anywhere from 3 to 57 college credit hours. College credit is provided by Lone Star College-University Park.

Campus Dual Credit Counselors
Klein High School                 Claudia Harmon
Klein Collins High School        Melissa Colemen
Klein Forest High School        Michelle McCharen
Klein Oak High School           Kelly Medlin    


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