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Strategic Planning Committee is Hard at Work
Mar 07 2017 - 12:54:00 pm

Klein ISD is excited to announce that the Board of Trustees approved a shared vision for the district in January:  In Klein ISD, EVERY student enters with a PROMISE and exits with a PURPOSE. We will achieve this vision by focusing on the following five targets:

  1. Pathways: We will utilize a dynamic, guaranteed, and viable curriculum and provide every student with a rich, relevant, and clear pathway to success.
  2. Challenge: We will focus on the whole student so that every student will "level up" and engage in rigorous learning and build excellent character.
  3. Equity: We will close gaps by personalizing learning by knowing every student by name, strength, and need.
  4. Leadership: We will retain, attain, and grow excellent leaders throughout our system so that every student learns in a quality environment.
  5. Continuous Improvement: We will gather feedback from every voice to eliminate silos, build strategic partnerships, and foster a culture of learning. 

“Our shared vision guides the work we do every day with and for our students,” Klein ISD Superintendent Bret Champion said.  “It defines what we are aspiring to for each of our students in our system.”


Along with the shared vision, collaborative district groups have been formulating guiding documents that define three critical components for successful learning. These documents were designed with input from Klein ISD students, alumni, parents, teachers, clergy, business owners, community members, state leaders and others, and will be presented to the Klein ISD Board of Trustees for approval in April.


While the guiding documents are under construction, a plan to make our shared vision a reality in every corner of the district is being created, as well.  In January, the district initiated a call for participants to design a strategic plan to make our shared vision a reality for every student in Klein ISD. More than 600 people applied to be part of this critically important work, and almost 70 people were selected to serve on this team that will develop strategies for each of the five targets above, and guide our work as educators.


As part of their work, the strategic planning team is learning together by reading The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros and other articles that push their thinking about providing a meaningful, engaging, and relevant education that prepares our students for their purpose.

We want the Klein ISD community to join us on this journey. Visit the Promise2Purpose Vision website at http://vision.kleinisd.net/ and send us your thoughts using the Let’s Talk dialogue tool located on the district website. 

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