FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions
When I have a problem with an individual school, whom should I contact?
You should first speak with the individual most closely associated with the student and the issue of concern. This would include the teacher, assistant/associate principal or principal. You should always speak to the principal of the school before calling the director of school administration who supervises your school.
If I live in another district, may I send my children to Klein ISD?
Students outside of the Klein ISD boundaries must attend the district in which they reside. The following are the exceptions:
  • children of employees
  • graduating seniors who have completed the first semester of their junior year in Klein
  • I would like to send my child to another school in Klein ISD, outside of the attendance zone in which I reside. Is this possible?
    There are no transfers at the high school level. At the elementary and intermediate levels, the only reason for transfer is for child care. (Form required)
    Click here for the Klein ISD Intradistrict School Transfer Request
    Klein ISD Intradistrict School Transfer Request (Non-Licensed Child Care Providers)
    At what age may I enter my child in kindergarten or the first grade?
    To enroll a student in kindergarten, the child must have reached the legal age of five years on or before September 1st of the current year. To enroll a student in the first grade, the child must have reached the legal age of six years on or before September 1st of the current school year. If a student is at least five years old on September 1st and has completed kindergarten in the public schools in another state or foreign country prior to transferring to a Texas public school, he/she may be enrolled in first grade.
    Does Klein ISD have policies regarding dress and grooming?
    Yes, you can find information in the Elementary Student Handbook, the Intermediate Student Handbook, and the High School Student Handbook.
    How do I request a change of teacher for my child?
    Placement of the students is the responsibility of the building principal, and all requests should be directed to that individual.
    What security measures does Klein ISD utilize to ensure safe campuses?
    Klein is continually evaluating the security of our schools. Currently in place are the following:
  • Klein ISD Police Department
  • Use of the Human Canine Detection team
  • Metal detectors used on a random basis
  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Crime Stoppers
  • In addition, students, parents, and staff are encouraged to make the administration aware of any unusual or suspicious activity about which they have knowledge.
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