If you do not know your username or password please contact your librarian.
When you go to you must first  log in with your full Gaggle email address:

Klein Gaggle Facts: Updated August 2013
Student Gaggle accounts are created for all Klein ISD students in grades 2-12 to provide them with a safe and monitored environment to master the state required digital communication standards that are part of their TEKS in multiple content areas.

All school principals and teachers have access to everything in all student accounts for their school. This includes the Inbox, Digital Locker, Calendar, Sent Mail, and Deleted Items. Deleted Items can be viewed by teachers and administrators for up to 30 days from the time deleted. All deleted items can be retrieved at any point beyond 30 days.

Mailbox storage size: 7 GB (This includes all files inside the account other than deleted items.)

Digital Locker
: Students need to save a file first then upload the file to the locker. Students should upload files to the digital locker they would like to store there or have access to at home. Students do not need to email themselves files.
Gaggle will not upload .exe files to the locker. A teacher will be notified if content put in the digital locker has a questionable word or image. The notification will go to the administrative teacher’s Gaggle Inbox but the student will have been able to put the file in the locker.

Default emails sent daily
: The administrative teacher can increase this number of emails can send daily. As a default setting students can send the following number of emails each day. 
Elementary: 5
Middle School: 5
High School: 10

Maximum email recipients
: To prevent spamming students at all grade levels can only email 3 people in a single message.

Max message size: 30 MB (Attachments cannot exceed 30 MB.)

Directory Access: School Only (Students can only send email to someone on their own campus.)

Passwords: Students can change their own password once they log-in to Gaggle.
Forgotten passwords can be reset by students' account administrator in grades 2-5 homeroom teachers serve as account administrators. In grades 6-12 campus librarians serve as account administrators to reset passwords.
A notice of a new email arriving in Gaggle can also be forwarded to an outside email. Students and teachers can add or change an outside email address for themselves on the My Accounts page.

There is no filtering of messages between a student and teacher. Messages sent from a student to teacher or teacher to student should not get blocked.

Blocked Messages: Messages which are blocked will go to the Administrative Teacher’s Blocked Message folder. The message can be read then unblock if appropriate. If a student emails an email account outside of their school’s list of Gaggle email addresses it will be blocked. If a student emails an address outside of their school’s Gaggle accounts, the message will be blocked.

Students will be notified if they had a message blocked.

Allowed outside emails: Students can send to and receive messages from any email. Students can email teachers from their Gaggle accounts; and the email will go directly to the teachers email account. Students can receive library notice emails from the TLC system.

Message Board Access: School only

Chat Room Access: Specified Chat Rooms Only (Students are assigned to a Chat Room by the teacher monitoring them.)