Written Composition Tool (ePAT)

STAAR End-Of-Course Analytical Essay Tool (ePAT)

STAAR End-Of-Course Writing Tool (ePAT)



STAAR L Online Student Tutorial Administration Directions for Grades 3–8 and EOC

STAAR L Online Testing Practice Sets

Grade 3-5 Student Tutorial

Grade 6-8 Student Tutorial

EOC Student Tutorial

Answer Key for Grade 3-5 Student Tutorial

Answer Key for Grade 6-8 Student Tutorial

Answer Key for EOC Student Tutorial

STAAR Standardized Oral Administration (SOA) STAAR A

Standardized Oral Administration (SOA) Student Tutorial

Standardized Oral Administration(SOA) Tutorial Directions

STAAR A Tutorial Directions

Grades 3-5 Student Tutorial

Grades 6-8 Student Tutorial

EOC Student Tutorial

Answer Key for Grades 3-5 Tutorial

Answer Key for Grades 6-8 Tutorial

Answer Key for EOC Tutorial

Gridding Your Answers
(ePAT) are used to record responses in mathematics and science tests. The configuration of these grids varies by grade and subject area. This resource provides five samples of each different grid configuration.

Typing Written Responses
(ePAT) include text boxes that feature editing and formatting buttons for written compositions and short answer responses.
This resource provides both sorts of text boxes, which differ in the length of response allowed.

Using Online Calculators 
(ePAT) is a tool that offers online four-function, graphing, and scientific calculators that are available in certain mathematics and science tests.

Student Materials
This page provides instructions for printing and saving student responses.

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