Klein Success Academy

Klein Success Academy Program provides students who are at risk of not graduating an opportunity to earn their high school diploma.

Program Features

  • Online Learning
  • End Of Course Assessment Tutoring
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Self-Paced
  • Ongoing Enrollment
  • Specialized Support Team

Support Team

  • TEACHERS have multiple roles, including:
    Lab Facilitator – Manages the student learning environment.
    Content Area Teacher – Gives extra support for students who are struggling in a particular area.
    Mentor – Provides students with direction, support, and encouragement.

  • Klein Success Academy COLLEGE ADVISOR
    Assists students in navigating the college application process, understanding the financial aid process, and transitioning from high school to college, technical school or the military.

    Available to provide additional supports as needed.

Program Criteria


  • Are behind in credits (5 or fewer credits remaining); and
  • Have completed (at a minimum) their third year of high school; and
  • Will be unable to graduate on time otherwise

Student Expectations

  • Provide their own transportation
  • Follow the District Student Code of Conduct, as well as rules specific to the program
  • Meet course completion goals
  • Attend labs a minimum of 6 hours per week
  • Work on their Edgenuity classes Monday through Friday for 2+ hours a day
  • Work with mentors and respond to their phone calls
  • Attend mandatory EOC tutoring as required
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