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Klein, TX

When you brag about your Klein community and its wonderful amenities, be sure to call it Klein, Texas. While you’re at it, use Klein, TX as your address as well.

In 1977, the Texas State Legislature passed, and the then Governor of Texas signed into law Senate Bill 1283, which designates the portion of Harris County that comprises Klein ISD as the community of Klein, Texas.

In 2016, the Klein ISD Board of Trustees passed a resolution reaffirming the Texas State Legislature’s move to designate the 88 square miles encompassing Klein ISD as Klein, Texas, allowing all residents and businesses to use Klein, TX as their mailing and official addresses.

The Klein ISD School Board resolution includes the following: 1) recommends that residents living within the district boundaries refer to their community as Klein, Texas; 2) recommends that all citizens and businesses inside Klein ISD use Klein, TX as their address; and 3) directs that all Klein ISD buildings and facilities be identified as being in Klein, TX.

This move is actually steeped in history. In 1938, the school district was renamed the Klein Independent School District after Adam Klein, one of the area’s earliest settlers and the community’s namesake. If you have lived in

Klein ISD long, you will notice that many schools are named after the settlers who once toiled the land. As far back as the 1970s, the district has honored the community’s forefathers by naming schools after original families from our area.

Klein, Texas is a special place, rooted in community pride and rich in history. With outstanding schools offering innovative and excellent learning experiences and thriving businesses, generations of families happily call Klein their home.

So let’s make it official: update your addresses to show your Klein, Texas pride! It’s as easy as using “Klein, TX” on your official mailing and shipping correspondence. Together we can define our amazing Klein community and forever keep Klein, Texas on the map!

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