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Profile of a Leader

Student Focused

Relentlessly pursuing the success of EVERY student by:
  •  Being driven by a sense of urgency and a focus on results
  • Insisting on high expectations and care for the whole learner
  • Setting ambitious goals and holding oneself accountable
  • Demonstrating a deep understanding of high-quality teaching
  • Rigorously analyzing data and using it to ensure student progress

Relationship Driven

Unwaveringly committed to serving others by:
  • Establishing a culture of trust, partnership, and collaboration
  • Skillfully communicating and gathering feedback from every voice
  • Always thinking “we” not “me”
  • Being culturally responsive and celebrating our rich diversity
  • Leading from our values including integrity, gratitude, humility and kindness

Promise2Purpose Investor

Deeply committed to the promise and purpose of others by:
  • Working interdependently to ignite and achieve our shared vision
  • Inspiring, coaching, encouraging, and developing others
  • Recognizing excellence and celebrating progress
  • Distributing leadership by empowering others
  • Consistently displaying a sense of possibility, optimism, and hope

Forever Learner

Personally modeling an insatiable desire to learn and improve by:
  •  Always seeking opportunities to continuously improve and grow
  • Thoughtfully disrupting the status quo
  • Catalyzing innovation and embracing failing forward
  • Being joyful, reflective, transparent, and deliberate in applying our learning to transform the world
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