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Profile of a Learner

Pathway Explorer

Relentlessly pursues excellence by being:
  • A goal-oriented problem solver
  • Self-reflective and self-disciplined
  • Innovative and creative optimistic and hopeful

Equipped Scholar

Thoroughly prepared for future success by being:
  • College, career, and life ready
  • Financially literate
  • Emotionally intelligent and culturally responsive
  • Adaptable and empathetic
  • An interconnected global citizen

Values-Driven Leader

Unwaveringly committed to serving the greater good by:
  • Building positive and productive relationships
  • Thinking "we" not "me"
  • Collaborating and communicating skillfully
  • Celebrating diversity and acting with integrity
  • Being grateful, kind, joyful, honest, and selfless

Forever Learner

Insatiably desires to improve and grow by:
  • Embracing challenges and failing forward
  • Thinking critically
  • Possessing a health sense of self
  • Exhibiting curiosity, humility, perseverance, and resilience
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