SMART tag - ID Card System

Klein ISD will begin using the SMART tag ID card system to increase student safety, streamline management of students riding on school buses, and allow access to campus services via easy scans.

The SMART tag system, which consists of student ID cards with barcodes and smart readers to read the cards, will allow students to

  • check out library books via a quick scan,
  • easily pay for lunch and breakfast with a swipe, and
  • allow families to receive bus stop notifications when their child gets on and off the bus.

Bus stop notifications will be implemented during the fall semester in a phased-in rollout. Families will be notified in advance prior to these notifications.

By implementing this new ID card system, school staff will be able to quickly and efficiently identify anyone who should not be on campus, greatly increasing school safety.

How it Works
All students will receive a plastic SMART tag ID card. Elementary students will have SMART tag IDs attached to their backpacks, and secondary students will wear SMART tag IDs on lanyards. Students will use these ID cards daily to access various campus services.

PLEASE NOTE: The SMART tag ID cards only interact with special scanning devices on buses, in lunch lines, and in the library. The cards function as basic ID cards in all other instances. SMART tag ID cards are not used for and are not capable of tracking students while at school, at home, or anywhere they haven’t physically scanned in.
Transportation on Klein ISD Buses
Students will be required to scan their SMART tag ID card to get on and off Klein ISD buses. This new system will ensure students are accounted for at all times and that families know when and where their children are while riding a Klein ISD bus. The SMART tag reader on the bus confirms if the student is on the right bus, and when the student attempts to get off at a stop, the system verifies they are getting off at their assigned stop. The SMART tag system also allows families to register and receive an email or text alert when their children are 10-15 minutes away from their bus stop in the evening or when the bus is about to arrive in the morning. The alert system will go into effect in the early fall when bus routes have been finalized. Families will be notified in advance.
Other Uses

SMART tag ID cards will also be used at every grade level for library services, food purchases, and admission to student activities.

  • Library: Students will use the printed barcode on their ID cards to check out library books and purchase food in the lunch line. 
  • Food: Students will no longer need to memorize their lunch ID codes for food purchases.
Who will get SMART tag IDs?

As the SMART tag IDs will interact with more than just buses and serve a safety purpose, all Klein ISD students will receive a SMART tag ID, even those who are not regular bus riders.

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