Multilingual Education


In Klein ISD, we will provide an asset-based linguistic and academic program that focuses on honoring emergent bilingual students' home language and culture while developing English through content-based language instruction in all four domains to advanced-high levels.

Guiding Principles

Differentiating and personalizing education to linguistically empower all students by utilizing evidence-based practices that support language acquisition and literacy development

Promoting awareness that all emergent bilingual students have the ability to learn at high levels

Ensuring fairness, achievement, and opportunity by personalizing language acquisition for every emergent bilingual student by name, strength, and need


Promoting a positive culture to build capacity in ourselves and all stakeholders to become leaders that advocate for emergent bilingual students

Continuous Improvement
Cultivating an open and honest environment by listening to feedback from collective partnerships to foster a culture of growth


ESL (English as Second Language)
Dual Language Immersion 
Transitional Bilingual 

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