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The 84th Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1842 in the spring of 2015, providing public school districts the opportunity to become Districts of Innovation. To qualify, an eligible school district (one whose most recent academic performance rating is at least acceptable) must adopt an up to five-year innovation plan according to the Texas Education Code. Klein ISD is utilizing HB 1842 in order to obtain more local control in various areas that will make teaching and learning more impactful for every student's needs.

Districts of Innovation may be exempt from state statutes in order to:

  • Take greater local control in decision-making about the educational and instructional models for students;
  • Access increased autonomy from state mandates that govern educational programming;
  • Be empowered to innovate and plan differently to maximize student success;
  • Decide on which flexibilities suit local needs and implement practices similar to charter schools including mandates such as: school start date, 90% attendance rule, class-size ratios, and teacher certification.

By taking advantage of some of the flexibility allowed through HB 1842, Klein ISD can ensure increased opportunities for student success. This includes avoiding fully and partially unfunded mandates that interfere with effective, efficient use of taxpayer dollars for educating students, as well as providing teachers and staff the environment, capabilities, and empowerment to innovate and think differently in order to meet every student’s needs.

By becoming a District of Innovation, Klein ISD can better ensure that our shared vision of every student entering our system with a promise and exiting with a purpose will become a reality for every student in our district. This plan will advance innovative curriculum and instructional practices to meet every student’s needs; enhance community and parental ownership of decisions impacting our students; hire and retain the absolute best teachers and leaders; and increase local governance of campuses. If approved, this plan will be in effect for the 2017-2018 school year through the 2021-2022 school year and may be amended at any time with approval of the DIDC and the Klein ISD Board of Trustees.

Thanks to the Klein ISD community for sending us your thoughts about the District of Innovation draft plan. We listened and the Local Innovation Plan Team reviewed all feedback and made revisions to the plan. On January 11, 2017, the District Instructional Development Council unanimously approved the Final Local Innovation Plan. Click here to review the final plan. 

The Final Local Innovation Plan will be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval at the February Board meeting. If approved, Klein ISD will become a District of Innovation and will continue working with our stakeholders to capitalize on our exemptions for the benefit of our students. Thank you so much for your feedback and help in making our Local Innovation Plan the gateway to future innovations to ensure that our shared vision of "promise to purpose" becomes a reality for every student in Klein ISD.

Local Innovation Plan Team Video
Final Local Innovation Plan


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