Criminal Background Checks

Assuring the public that the adults working with our students are free of past criminal convictions is one of many ways that we assure safety and security in our schools. 

  • A volunteer coordinator or staff member will call you once your name appears on the approved volunteer database. Do not hesitate to call your child's campus should you have questions about how to begin volunteering.
  • Any background check that does not meet the Klein ISD standard will be forwarded to the central office for review and action.
  • Any volunteer applicant declined due to his/her background check will be contacted by written notification. At no point will the principal or volunteer coordinator be involved in the screening, acceptance, or rejection of the background check. All information will remain confidential.
  • In the event a volunteer has questions regarding the results of his/her background check, he/she may request a confidential conference with a screening committee. Contact , Dr. Janice Taylor Central Office - Human Resources, to schedule the conference. Her telephone number is 832.249.4225.
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