State Funding

Who is ultimately responsible for funding public education in Texas?
Article VII of the Texas Constitution states, “ shall be the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools.”

Where does Texas rank nationally in funding reductions per student?
The percent change in the Texas formula funding per student, inflation adjusted since 2008 indicates that Texas ranks second in funding reductions per student.
Texas ranks second in funding reduction per student.
Is the State funding for public education increasing?
No. Looking at the data below from the Legislative Budget Board you will see the “State Aid” column is relatively flat since 2008, while the “Average Daily Attendance” column has grown 16.7% since 2008.

State Aid chart from 2008-2017.

This has resulted in a shift in cost to our local taxpayers to cover enrollment growth and inflation. This has been accomplished through rising property values. Based on current State funding formulas, as property values increase, the State decreases the amount of funding sent to school districts. In fact, across the state, State funding has decreased to 40% (from 46% in 2012) with local funding increasing to 60% (from 54% in 2012).

A chart displaying that most funding for schools comes from local property tax collections.
I keep hearing about the State’s concerns with high local property taxes, but the above chart indicates they are actually paying a smaller percentage than in previous years. Where is the disconnect?
In the last legislative biennium, the State built and passed a budget that counts on an almost 14% increase of local property values. As property values increase, the State decreases their funding amount.
The Foundation School Program Funding

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