Klein ISD Fiscal Responsibility

What has Klein done to prepare for the decrease in funding and no adjustment for inflation?
Part of Klein ISD’s planning has included looking at ways to maintain educational experiences while the State reduces our per pupil funding and inflation eats into our already impacted budget. The district has been proactive in cost-saving and cost-avoidance measures over the years, as well as looking for ways to generate revenue.
What do these terms mean?
Cost-Saving measures are actions that lower current spending.
Cost Avoidance measures are actions that avoid incurring future costs.
Revenue Generating measures are non-traditional actions that bring additional funding into the district.
How much money has been saved, avoided or generated?
The charts below show a total amount saved, avoided, or generated of more than $72.5 million. Throughout the last few years, each of these measures has helped to offset inflation allowing Klein ISD to maintain current educational experiences. These alone are not enough to maintain current services in Klein ISD.
Cost-Saving Measure and Savings Chart

Cost-Avoidance Measure & Savings

Revenue-Generating Measure & Funding
How does Klein ISD compare to other districts when considering academics and spending levels?
According to the TXSmartSchools (formerly FAST) 2017 report, Klein ISD receives a smart score of five stars which mean we have very high academic progress (at or above 87% of all districts) and very low spending ($7,402 cost-adjusted per pupil spending) compared to districts in Harris County, Region 4.

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