MAP Family Report

What is this Report?  A summary of how your child is performing academically, as measured by the most recent MAP Growth test. 

What is MAP Growth?  A test that adapts to your child's responses in real time to measure your child's skill level. 

Why is my child taking MAP Growth?  MAP Growth scores help teachers check student performance by measuring Achievement and Growth.  Teachers use results to tailor classroom lessons and to set goals for students. 


What do Achievement and Growth mean? 

Achievement - How well your child has learned skills in a subject compared to students with same starting RIT score, same number of weeks of instruction, and in the same grade. 

Growth - A measure of your child's personal progress over a year. 


What is a RIT Score?  The overall score for a subject based on a Rasch unit (RIT) scale that indicates how your child performed in a subject.  

How can I use this information to help my child?  Talk to your child's teacher.  Here are some questions you can ask: 

  • What types of strategies are the teachers using that I may be able to reinforce at home? 
  • Does my child need extra help in any specific areas? 
  • How can I help my child's academic growth from home?
  • How do you measure my child's learning in your classroom? 
  • When will my child's progress be measured again? 
  • How is my child doing in comparison to grade-level expectations? 
  • What will my child be working on to continue growing or to grow towards a mastery of grade-level standards?

Where can I get more information?  Check out for more information on MAP Growth, how it works, what it measures, and FAQs.  

Visit for information about MAP Growth testing in Klein.


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