Secondary Counseling Program

Secondary Counseling Program

The Secondary Counseling Program assists students as they develop the skills they need to enhance their personal, social, educational, and career development. The scope of the services provided by the secondary counselors includes:

  • orientation
  • information dissemination
  • individual and group counseling
  • placement and scheduling
  • pupil appraisal
  • interpretation of state-mandated assessments
  • identification of students with special abilities or needs
  • parental consultations
  • referrals to outside agencies
  • Other topic activities as deemed necessary and appropriate

Parents are encouraged to call the counselor for assistance on any matter concerning the students.

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In order to provide an effective guidance program in the secondary schools, the following guidelines have been formulated.

  • The primary focus of the program is directed toward educational guidance with emphasis upon direct contact with both parents and students
  • Conferences with students and parents are encouraged
  • Group guidance directed toward meeting the needs of a specific group of individuals is scheduled in addition to individual conferences
  • Counselors use available data to assist students and parents in planning the educational program

College Information:

Students may secure information regarding scholarships, college selection and admission, college entrance examinations, housing, financial aid, and other college information from the counseling office on each campus.

Educational Guidance:

Each student works closely with his/her guidance counselor to ensure an appropriate course selection for each semester. Guidance counselors also assist students with study skills, time management, and goal setting for both short- and long-term goals.

Personal Guidance:

Counselors are available for consultation with both student and parent/guardian in areas that affect the student’s personal/social domain of life.

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