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  Remunda Lewis - Workers' Compensation Specialist
Tel. 832-249-4223
 Fax. 832-249-4222

Workers' Compensation 101
-Report all work related injuries immediately to your Supervisor or Workers' Comp. Campus Coordinator, even if you are not seeking medical treatment.

- Your Workers' Compensation campus coordinator will complete and submit the First Report of Injury online at TASB website: 

-If seeking medical treatment, use an Alliance Provider; use the Alliance website to locate a provider: or choose from the list.

-If prescriptions are given, please use the Rx card (found in packet) and take to a participating pharmacy.

- Employee must complete the Paid Leave Election and Acknowledgement of the Alliance forms and return to their campus coordinator. 

- If employee misses work due to the injury, they must notify the campus coordinator.

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Helpful Information at a Glance:
It is the employee's responsibility to notify their employer if they have been injured at work while performing the duties of their job. 

Any injury or illness must be reported, even if no medical treatment is received. 

If not a true emergency, please do not go to the ER, instead, opt for an Alliance Urgent Care center. They are equipped to treat minor emergencies and the waiting time is minimal. You may elect to seek treatment with any Alliance Primary Care Provider. For a full list go to

If medical treatment is received for the injury/illness, the employee must provide a copy of the work status report to their campus coordinator. 
If there is an Emergency please report to
Remunda Lewis at 832-249-4223, [email protected]
Jessica Lopez at 832-249-4070,
[email protected] 
You may also contact our Workers' Compensation insurance provider TASB Risk Management Fund directly at 1-800-482-7276. 

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