Guidelines - Media & Social Media

Media Guidelines

Klein ISD welcomes members of the media into our schools and strives to provide the most accurate and timely information available.

School Interviews

Please contact the Assistant Director of Communications at (832) 271-8444 if you’d like to interview Klein ISD students, educators, and administrators. We are happy to put you in touch with the correct person and/or resource for your story and can arrange an interview time.

School Visits

If you would like to visit a school, please contact the Assistant Director of Communications. We will be happy to escort you to any school for the interview or story. We will work with your schedule, as well as that of the students and staff, to ensure that your visit is successful. Please offer a few available dates for your visit in case a school has a conflict on a particular day.

Photographing Students and Staff

Some students choose not to be photographed. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) allows students and parents to opt out of the release of certain information about students, including photographs, and Klein ISD operates in compliance with this law. Before we can allow anyone to take photos, video and/or quotes from our students, a building administrator must verify that these individuals have the proper release information on file.


You can stay current with the latest information about the Klein ISD Board of Trustees at, where you can view agenda items and board meeting activities.

Contact Us

For more information, or to request access to a school campus, please contact either the Assistant Director of Communications at

Social Media Guidelines

Klein ISD’s social media accounts are meant to be another source of information to the community, as well as a place for the District to engage with its stakeholders. We welcome the opportunity to hear from you and encourage your participation.

At the same time, we would like to establish some rules for engagement. We expect that the people who engage with us online to exercise civility and common sense. Please remember that comments can be viewed by many people in our community and are considered to be in the public domain. While the district does not want to limit the opinions or comments of its community members, certain types of comments will not be tolerated.

Specifically, we request those who post do not make comments that:

  • Are vulgar or profane;
  • Contain personal attacks or accusations;
  • Could be offensive to or target specific ethnic or racial groups;
  • Incite violence;
  • Encourage others to break the law;
  • Could be considered campaigning for a political office;
  • Identify students and/or staff in defamatory, abusive, or derogatory way;
  • Promote services or products;
  • or Are rude or deride the opinions of others.

Any person failing to adhere to the above guidelines risks having their comments removed or their account restricted or banned from making future comments. 

Thank you for observing our guidelines of engagement. If you have any questions or concerns about the District’s social media accounts, please contact us.

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