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Realtors, builders, and those in finance are critical components to our growing Klein community and it is our privilege to provide you with information to assist you in sharing the very best of Klein ISD and Klein, TX with your clients.

Become a Certified Klein ISD Realtor!

Showcase your expertise in the top-rated Klein Independent School District

Provide unmatched service to clients by leveraging insider knowledge

Stand out among your peers as a certified specialist in the area

Boost your career potential and expand your network within the community

Are you ready to elevate your real estate career and become a sought-after expert in the prestigious Klein Independent School District? Our comprehensive training program is designed to equip you with in-depth knowledge about schools, neighborhoods, and community amenities, making you the go-to real estate professional for families seeking the perfect home within Klein ISD.

Don't miss this opportunity to set yourself apart in the competitive world of real estate. Enroll in the Certified Klein ISD Realtor Program today and start making dreams come true for families in the Klein ISD community!


Certified Klein ISD Realtor
Exclusive Access


Klein ISD Certified Realtor Directory

Sweety Abraham

Irvin Alfaro

Theo Allen

Kevin Anderson

Shatera Anderson

Tony Anderson

Yvette Balli

Jennifer Bartlow

Amy Bielke

Ray Blackwell

Jenan Blank

Melyssa Bordelon

Maralana Bossett

Imelda Branch

Jerry Brown

Laura Brown

Susan Carlock

Melanie Carson

Craig Carter

Jackie Carter

Jenny Castillo

Francsico Chapa

Francesca Conway


Tam Cutten

Tracie Dillon

Andrea Dunn

Stephanie Duvall

Jami Erskine

Kendra Foster

Ron Freeman

Carrie Fruger

Angel Gaither

Michelle Garcia


Jeff Garrett

Faye Gee

Cherie Kay George


Nicole Goff

Selena Guerrero

Jennifer Guillen

Gigi Hadwin

Klaus Hernandez

Laura L. Hernandez

Pamela Hudson

Dave Jensen

Kevin Koy

Dee Ann La Rue

Yvonne Leal

Catrina Linscomb

Steve Mattox

Gretchen Meyer


Graeme Miller

Diane Moss

Julie Muniz

Shana Naylor

Koshy Oommen

Tamica Ortega

Summer Perkins

Jantavia Connor Powell

Julie Pruski

Monica Quintero

Evelyn Randle

Dick Richards

Betty Riley

Nancy Rodriguez

Patricia Rosabal

Trissa Rosette

Lynne Sanders

Kyle Simmons

Taylor Russell Sims


Melanie Sloan

Carrie Smith

Michael Sobin

Priscilla Spillers

Lynn Stewart

Yolanda Sutton

Katrina Tasby

Lizabeth Villa


Binh Thanh Vo

Angela Washington

Adaline Weathein

Crissy Zak

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