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Teacher Incentive Allotment in Klein ISD

Teacher Incentive Allotment

Klein ISD is committed to recruiting and retaining high-quality employees to benefit student outcomes. Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) means teachers don’t have to leave the classroom to make more money for their families.

TIA was established with the goal of providing great teachers a pathway to a six-figure salary.Through approved local designation systems, districts can identify, designate, and reward outstanding teachers based on student growth and classroom observation.

The Teacher Incentive Allotment is funded directly by the state of Texas and is contingent on state funding.  The Klein ISD Local Designation System is built and implemented according to both state statutory mandates and best practices as outlined in the TEA’s TIA Guidebook.

Teaching Assignments

  • K-8 Math, including Power
  • 1-8 Reading, including Power
  • 5 & 8 Science
  • 5 & 8 Social Studies
  • High School EOC Courses
  • Any in-class support teachers that support STAAR courses

All teachers can earn a recognized designation by becoming a National Board Certified Teacher 

Designation Status Determination


Student Growth
K-8 MAP Scores
9-12 EOC**


T-TESS Evaluation*

* No 'below proficient' dimensions

** Designations are determined by calculating an overall score for each teacher and comparing to a scale determined by combining minimum value of growth and observation score at each level. 

How does the money work?

TEA-Recognize-Teacher Incentive Allotment
Recognized Teacher
  • Top 33% in State
  • 55%+ Meet Growth
  • 3.7+ Domain Avg.


TEA-Exemplary-Teacher Incentive Allotment
Exemplary Teacher
  • Top 20% in State
  • 60%+ Meet Growth
  • 3.9+ Domain Avg.


TEA-Master-Teacher Incentive Allotment
Master Teacher
  • Top 5% in State
  • 70%+ Meet Growth
  • 4.5+ Domain Avg.


  • 90% goes to the designated teacher
  • Values vary based on campus socioeconomic status
  • View your campus prior year allotment at 

Learn More About TIA in Klein ISD

Klein ISD Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) Guidebook at a Glance Cover

Learn about Teacher Incentive Allotment in Klein ISD with this 1-page at a glance view.

Klein ISD Teacher Incentive Allotment
at a Glance (PDF)

Klein ISD Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) Guidebook

Download our Guidebook for a comprehensive look at Teacher Incentive Allotment in Klein ISD.

Klein ISD Teacher Incentive Allotment
Guidebook (PDF)

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