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Fraud Hotline

Use the Hotline to Report Confirmed or Suspected:

• Illegal or fraudulent acts involving district funds and property.
• Misuse or waste of district funds or property and theft of funds or property.

When reporting, please provide as much information as possible including:

• Date
• Time
• Names
• Places surrounding the incident
• The office and individuals involved
• The location of any evidence including records or physical proof
• Names and numbers of credible witnesses
• Caller's name and phone number (unless you want to be anonymous)

The hotline must be used to report only suspected or confirmed fraud, misuse, waste, or theft of district property or funds.

Here are the two ways to make a Fraud Line report:

888.703.0083 or click here

For more information on fraud prevention and detection, watch this IIA Fraud Presentation (MS PowerPoint 2003 and later).

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