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Special Education Information

Parental Responsibilities

  • Your child should be ready at the bus stop five (5) minutes before pick-up time.
  • If the driver has to wait longer than two (2) minutes for your child at pick-up, they are instructed to call in to dispatch to note they have waited their time and are then told to proceed on their route.
  • Ensure an authorized person will be at the bus stop when your child is dropped off. If no one is there to receive your child, parents will be called. Your student will then be returned to the school.
  • Students cannot consume food or drink on the bus.
  • If your child attends a day-care, a responsible member of the facility is to receive the student. Drivers and Attendants are not authorized to deliver the child into the building.
  • Inform the school and Klein Transportation of any changes of address or telephone number as soon as the information is available.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Klein I.S.D. Special Needs Transportation provides a curb to curb service. Under most conditions, the bus will stop at the curb in front of your home or daycare. Students living in apartment complexes will be picked up and dropped off at an entrance or exit to the complex.

  • Please note that due to certain road conditions (dead end streets, dirt or gravel roads, impassable roads due to parked cars) it may be necessary to move the pick-up and drop-off site to the safest location nearest to the home. In these cases, a parent or their designee will be responsible for escorting their child to and from the bus stop. Drivers and Attendants are not authorized to escort students to their bus stop from their home and from their bus stop to their home or daycare.
  • Our drivers will not leave a student without supervision unless a parent has signed a release form permitting the student to be released independently. The student must be able to access their home before the driver can leave.
  • Students can be released only to the people listed on the student release form. If there is a need to make a change on this release form, please request a new form from the driver.


All wheelchairs must be viewed before a student can begin services. If your child has received a new wheelchair, please contact:
Laura Villanueva (832) 249-4577
This is to confirm the wheelchair meets safety requirements.

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