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What is IB?

Realize your purpose through IB!

What is the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program?

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, it is the most challenging and rigorous college preparatory program offered to high school students worldwide. The programme serves over 150,000 students in 157 countries! Not only is the aim of IB to cultivate academic success, but also to ensure that students become well-rounded individuals who can make a different in their communities.

88% of Diploma Program graduates achieve a bachelor's degree within six years of entering university, compared with 58% of all students. -Source: US Census, National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), National Student Clearing House.

With a grade point average of 3.11, IB graduates score 5% higher than their non-IB peers after their first year at a university. -Source: University of California

Classroom Instruction

The IB classes offered at Klein Oak are unique in that:

  • learning is cross-curricular.
  • student choice is valued; we know that students that have a hand in choosing topics of interest are more likely to remain invested in each educational opportunity.
  • students collaborate in the learning process through in-depth discussion and project-based learning.
  • we emphasize the our "why"! Why are we learning this material? If that is the answer, why do you think so?
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