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The Klein ISD Science Department believes passion and curiosity is essential to thrive in an ever-changing world. Klein ISD Science will build a strong foundation for life after high school in EVERY student by following a curriculum that encourages students to become explorers, risk takers, problem solvers, innovators, and collaborators.

Guiding Principles

We believe that...

  • Students will gain hands-on laboratory and field experience through inquiry-based learning.
  • Students will grow to be scientifically literate by speaking, reading, and writing using academic language.
  • Students will apply the science content learned in the classroom to the world around them.
  • Teachers and other stakeholders will be offered high quality professional learning to improve the student experience.


Contact Us

Michele Thompson

Instructional Officer
Central Office

Joseph Kopfler

Program Coordinator - Science
Klein High School

Katherine McCaffrey

Program Coordinator - Science
Central Office

Kristin Villarreal

Program Coordinator - District Instructional Coaching
Central Office

Marc Williams

Program Coordinator - STEAM Express
Central Office

Tierny Garner

Instructional Specialist - Science - District
Central Office

Erin Haugstad

Instructional Specialist - Science - District
Central Office

Jerome Bowser

Aide - Driver/Aide - Steam Express
Central Office
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