More than a Rating Videos

These videos highlight some of the amazing curriculum opportunities happening for our students. Our shared vision is that every student enters with a promise and exits with a purpose and these programs are examples of how we are achieving this shared vision through providing our students with the interactive, hands-on learning that is More Than a Rating.

Klein ISD offers an extensive Business and Industry pathway that offers a course titled Business Law in which students have the opportunity to analyze different aspects of the U.S. legal system and participate in a mock-trial to conclude the class.

The STEM Pathway offers classes such as Robotics where students can transfer their academic skills and passions into prototypes and software that allows our student learning to be More Than A Rating.

 The Veterinary Medical Assistant pathway provides students who are passionate about animals and the medical field to earn industry certifications while completing courses with a focus in science and medical applications.

 Through the Advanced Nursing Endorsement, students can earn industry-level licenses and certifications thanks to a partnership with Lone Star College-Tomball. This opportunity for students passionate about health sciences makes it More Than A Rating.
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