1:1 Device Program

What is 1:1?

One-to-One (1:1) is an initiative in Klein ISD where the ratio of students to computers is one to one and students are able to take the device home. In Klein ISD this program is in place at all of our secondary campuses. The 1:1 student and teacher program provides exciting learning opportunities that incorporate the use of technology in the classroom and at home.

4 Steps to Receive a Student Device

  1. Read the Device Handbook (English | Spanish | Vietnamese).

  2. Select a Device Protection option.

  3. Submit Payment.

  4. Sign the Student Device Agreement. Please note, if you pay online, you will sign the form during checkout and do not need a paper copy.

Important Date for Coverage

Students have until Monday, September 12, 2022 to:
  • Pay the ADP fee or Security Deposit in full for their device to be covered for the year.
  • Work with their campus to enter into an installment plan to pay the ADP fee or Security Deposit.
* Please Contact your school if you have questions or need assistance.

Protection Options & Payment Information

Students have two protection options.

  • Accidental Damage/Loss Protection (ADP) Insurance

  • Security Deposit (Fully Refundable)

*One of the two options must be chosen and payment made in full before your student can be issued a device.

OPTION 1: ADP Insurance


Purchase Accidental Damage/Loss Protection (ADP) Insurance

  • $30 non-refundable
Credit card & eCheck payments can be made online via School Cash Online. Cash & checks will be accepted in person by the Repair Center Secretary.
ADP Insurance covers up to three incidents of accidental loss and/or damage to the device.

The following are not covered by ADP Insurance and will result in repair or replacement costs being charged to the student:

  • Device loss or damage that is either intentional or the result of gross negligence (including transporting the device outside of the Klein ISD-provided case/protective cover)

  • Loss or damage to the device that occurs after three (3) incidents of accidental loss or damage per school year

  • Any loss or damage to peripheral items (stylus, power adapter, case, internal batteries, and other components or accessories provided with the device)

OPTION 2: Security Deposit


Pay a Security Deposit.

  • $200 Fully Refundable

  • Refunded at the end of each school year or when a student withdraws from Klein ISD after the device and all peripheral items are returned to in acceptable condition.
This option is not available for payment online. Please contact campus administration for more information on this option.
If the device and all peripheral items are not returned in acceptable condition, the deposit will be applied to all outstanding charges for repair or replacement.

Device Agreement & Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report device loss, damage, or theft?

Students have five (5) school days after incident, or discovery of an incident to report any damage, loss or theft to the Repair Center through the Work Order System.

If the device was damaged/destroyed in an incident off campus, the student will need to provide a case number from the appropriate authorities (for example, if the device is damaged/destroyed in a fire, the fire department case number should be provided).

Do I have to use the Klein ISD-provided case? Isn’t my backpack sleeve enough?

All students must use a Klein ISD-provided case with the device. Klein ISD-provided cases are designed especially for use with each individual device, and Klein ISD may confiscate a student’s device and/or take disciplinary action, as appropriate, if the student is not using a Klein-ISD provided case. Backpacks with padding are not acceptable.

Where do I report that my device isn’t working?

Turn in a Work Order Request then bring your device to the Repair Center. They will assist you!

Where is the Repair Center?

There is a centrally located Repair Center on each secondary school campus.

Hours of Operation

  • Intermediate 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • High School 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
How will my student know how to use their device?

Students will be led through “Digital Onboarding” where they learn how to properly care for their device and how to access appropriate online resources.

They will also be led through several courses on Digital Citizenship to ensure they understand the best way to work in a digital environment with appropriate responsibility.

Can I decorate my device?

No. Stickers and personalization are not permitted. Each device will have the student’s name on a label so it will be easy to identify.

Can I get my device repaired somewhere else?

No. Only Klein ISD Technicians can service a Klein ISD device.

Can I clean my screen with 409 or Windex?

No. Only a soft cloth should be used on the screen. If necessary, stop by the Repair Center and they will assist you in cleaning it.

Can I access the internet at home?

Yes. Devices can join existing wireless networks.

What if I lose my charger?

You’ll need to purchase a replacement charger. Please note that intermediate chargers are engraved with a specific number and issued to a specific student.

What if I leave Klein ISD or move campuses?

You’ll need to return your device and all peripheral items to the campus Repair Center before leaving or transferring campuses.

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