Campus Safety & Support

Under the guidance of Executive Directors Dr. Joffery Jones and Mr. Ron Webster, the Department of Campus Safety & Support works closely with the school principals in all facets of school administration.

Dr. Joffery Jones

Executive Director

[email protected]
Twitter: @Joffery_Jones

Administrative Assistant

Donacha Condon
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility
  • Student discipline
  • Other student affairs:                                  
    - Dance/Drill Team & Cheerleading
    - Student anti-bullying charter
    - Other
  • HC Collaborative AP Leadership Pipeline Working Group Lead
  • After school programs
  • Foreign Exchange Students
  • Interquest
  • Handbooks
  • Transfers
  • Wise Up
  • Sex Offenders


Supporting Campuses
  • Bernshausen
  • Blackshear
  • Brill
  • DAEP
  • Doerre
  • Eiland
  • Epps Island
  • Fox
  • Grace England
  • Hassler
  • Haude
  • Hofius
  • Kleb
  • Klein Collins
  • Klein Forest
  • Klein Intermediate
  • Klenk
  • Kuehnle
  • Metzler
  • Mueller
  • Nitsch
  • Northampton
  • Roth
  • Schindewolf
  • Schultz
  • TEP
  • Vistas
  • Wunderlich

Mr. Ron Webster

Executive Director
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant

Patricia Palacios
Administrative Assistant
[email protected]

Areas of Responsibility
  • Student discipline
  • Campus crisis & emergencies
  • Other student affairs:
    -Emergency Operation Plans
    -Boy Scouts
  • District Calendar
  • Policies
  • Safety and Security/EOP
  • Transfers
  • Student Service Contracts
  • Vsoft
  • UIL
  • Drones
  • Administrative Updates
Supporting Campuses
  • Benfer
  • Benignus
  • DAEP 
  • Ehrhardt
  • Frank
  • French
  • Greenwood Forest
  • Hildebrandt
  • Kaiser
  • Klein Cain
  • Klein High
  • Klein Oak
  • Kohrville
  • Krahn
  • Kreinhop
  • Krimmel
  • Lemm
  • Mahaffey
  • McDougle
  • Mittelstadt
  • Strack
  • TEP 
  • Theiss
  • Ulrich
  • Vistas
  • Zwink

Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Behavior Coordinators
Campus Behavior Coordinators
Campus Principal Email Address Campus Phone
KLEIN HIGH Mr. Brandon Baker [email protected] 832-484-4100
KLEIN FOREST Mr. Lance Alexander [email protected] 832-484-4500
KLEIN OAK Mr. Thomas Hensley [email protected] 832-484-5000
KLEIN CAIN Ms. Nicole Patin [email protected] 832-375-8500
KLEIN COLLINS Mr. Randy Kirk [email protected] 832-484-5200
VISTAS HIGH Mr. Debbie Pennington [email protected] 832-484-7650
K.E.KAUFMAN ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION CENTER Mr. Brian Marr [email protected] 832-249-8400
KLEIN THERAPUTIC EDUCATION PROGRAM Mr. Charles Woods [email protected] 832-249-4369
DOERRE INTERMEDIATE Ms. Shannon Strole [email protected] 832-249-5700
HILDEBRANDT INTERMEDIATE Ms. Lauren Marti [email protected] 832-249-5000
HOFIUS INTERMEDIATE Ms. Christy Goforth [email protected] 832-375-8800
KLEIN INTERMEDIATE Mr. Trevor Wooley [email protected] 832-249-4900
KRIMMEL INTERMEDIATE Ms. Liz Edmonsdon [email protected] 832-484-5200
SCHINDEWOLF INTERMEDIATE Dr. Curtis Simmons [email protected] 832-249-5900
STRACK INTERMEDIATE Ms. Leslie Kompeline [email protected] 832-249-5400
WUNDERLICH INTERMEDIATE Mr. Clay Huggins [email protected] 832-249-5200
ULRICH INTERMEDIATE Ms. Charlene Davis-Norris [email protected] 832-375-7500
BENFER ELEMENTARY Ms. Ashley Johnson [email protected] 832-484-6000
BRILL ELEMENTARY Ms. Ellen Hodge [email protected] 832-484-6100
BENIGNUS ELEMENTARY Ms. Amanda O'Dowd [email protected] 832-484-7700
EHRHARDT ELEMENTARY Ms. Linda Galicia [email protected] 832-484-6200
BERNSHAUSEN ELEMENTARY Ms. Carrie Farmer [email protected] 832-375-8000
EILAND ELEMENTARY Mr. David Menendez [email protected] 832-484-6900
BLACKSHEAR ELEMENTARY Ms. Ashley Baker [email protected] 832-375-7600
EPPS ISLAND Ms. Trena Grice [email protected] 832-484-4800
FRANK ELEMENTARY Ms. Meredith Moss [email protected] 832-375-7000
KAISER ELEMENTARY Ms. Betty Zavala [email protected] 832-484-6100
FOX ELEMENTARY Ms. Lakita Combs [email protected] 832-375-8900
FRENCH ELEMENTARY Ms. Holly Conroy [email protected] 832-375-8100
KLENK ELEMENTARY Ms. Allie Martin [email protected] 832-484-6800
GRACE ENGLAND PK Ms. Jaunee Perry [email protected] 832-375-7900
GREENWOOD FOREST Ms. Alisha Elrod [email protected] 832-484-5600
KOHRVILLE ELEMENTARY Ms. Kia Bowie [email protected] 832-484-7200
HASSLER ELEMENTARY Mrs. Sarah Brown [email protected] 832-484-7100
KRAHN ELEMENTARY Ms. Carissa Rodgers [email protected] 832-484-6500
HAUDE ELEMENTARY Ms. Rachel Wall [email protected] 832-484-5600
KREINHOP ELEMENTARY Ms. Lauren Liesberger [email protected] 832-484-7400
KUEHNLE ELEMENTARY Ms. Julia Funk [email protected] 832-484-6650
MITTELSTADT ELEMENTARY Mrs. Julie Shumake [email protected] 832-484-6700
LEMM ELEMENTARY Mr. Adam Tietz [email protected] 832-484-6300
MUELLER ELEMENTARY Ms. Heidi Sebren [email protected] 832-375-7300
MAHAFFEY ELEMENTARY Ms. Charla Wilson [email protected] 832-375-8300
NITSCH ELEMENTARY Mr. Frank Ward [email protected] 832-484-6400
McDOUGLE ELEMENTARY Ms. Kathy Rachal [email protected] 832-484-7550
METZLER ELEMENTARY Ms. Danis Boone [email protected] 832-484-7900
NORTHAMPTON ELEMENTARY Ms. Lisa Campbell [email protected] 832-484-5550
ROTH ELEMENTARY Ms. Christin Murphy [email protected] 832-484-6600
SCHULTZ ELEMENTARY Ms. Sherri Davenport [email protected] 832-484-7000
THEISS ELEMENTARY Mrs. Jessica Taylor [email protected] 832-484-5900
ZWINK ELEMENTARY Ms. Stacey Vaglienty [email protected] 832-375-7800
When I have a problem with an individual school, whom should I contact?
You should first speak with the individual most closely associated with the student and the issue of concern. This would include the teacher, assistant/associate principal or principal. You should always speak to the principal of the school before calling the executive director of campus safety & support who supervises your school.
If I live in another district, may I send my children to Klein ISD?
Students outside of the Klein ISD boundaries must attend the district in which they reside. The following are the exceptions:

- children of employees
- graduating seniors who have completed the first semester of their junior year in Klein
I would like to send my child to another school in Klein ISD, outside of the Klein attendance zone in which I reside. Is this possible?
There are no transfers at the high school level. At the elementary and intermediate levels, the only reason for transfer is for child care. (Form required)

Click here for the Klein ISD Intradistrict School Transfer Request

Klein ISD Intradistrict School Transfer Request (Non-Licensed Child Care Providers)
At what age may I enter my child in kindergarten or the first grade?
To enroll a student in kindergarten, the child must have reached the legal age of five years on or before September 1st of the current year. To enroll a student in the first grade, the child must have reached the legal age of six years on or before September 1st of the current school year. If a student is at least five years old on September 1st and has completed kindergarten in the public schools in another state or foreign country prior to transferring to a Texas public school, he/she may be enrolled in first grade.
Does Klein ISD have policies regarding dress and grooming?
Yes, you can find information in the Elementary Student Handbook, the Intermediate Student Handbook, and the High School Student Handbook. The handbooks are located in the document container to the right. Subscribe to the folder and receive any updates to these documents.
How do I request a change of teacher for my child?
Placement of the students is the responsibility of the building principal, and all requests should be directed to that individual.
What security measures does Klein ISD utilize to ensure safe campuses?

Klein is continually evaluating the security of our schools. Currently in place are the following:

  • Klein ISD Police Department
  • Use of the Human Canine Detection team
  • Metal detectors used on a random basis
  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Crime Stoppers

In addition, students, parents, and staff are encouraged to make the administration aware of any unusual or suspicious activity about which they have knowledge.


If you are submitting an intradistrict transfer request due to child care reasons and your child care provider is non-licensed, then you must also submit the Non-Licensed Child Care Provider form with the Intradistrict School Transfer Request form. This form should be notarized and one form should be used per student.

If an approved child care transfer requires a bus change, the "KISD Bus Change Request and Release of Liability" form must be completed and returned to the campus principal.

To learn more, copy link, download each document, or click the ellipses to the right of each form.

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