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40 Klein ISD Students Celebrated During Fine Arts Signing Day

40 Klein ISD Students Celebrated During Fine Arts Signing Day
Jasmine Nguyen

Teachers and families showed up in droves to support 40 Klein ISD fine arts students as they made their way to center stage to sign their letters of intent to colleges and programs across the country. 

These fine arts students in the Klein ISD Class of 2024 collectively earned just over $1.2 million in scholarships for their continued fine arts education!

“It was a thrill to celebrate 40 talented, dedicated, creative students who have found their purpose in the fine arts and are prepared for the next journey!” Klein ISD Fine Arts Director Frank Chuter said. “Next year, you can find Klein ISD Fine Arts represented in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and even London, England! We are excited for these outstanding students as they pursue their dreams and cultivate their talents. We are incredibly thankful for the many fine arts educators who have played a pivotal role in helping these students find their purpose.”

Klein Collins senior Marnie Kapich, a testament to the personal growth and achievements of our students, plans to attend the London-based Delamar Academy of Makeup and Hair with a focus in prosthetics and special effects for television and film while working as a hairdresser. Marnie felt a range of emotions during Fine Arts Signing Day, but the most prevalent feeling was pure pride and gratitude.

“I was very proud of myself for accomplishing all that I have but strangely nervous to go up on stage and sign a piece of paper,” Marnie said. “I would like to thank my parents for their creative genes, Mrs. Welch for giving me the opportunity to design hair and makeup for plays and musicals, Mrs. Sparks for supporting me through cosmetology, Mr. Wincott for pushing me to work towards the things that I am passionate about and teaching me how to continue to be an art student throughout my life.”

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Without a doubt, Klein ISD continues its tradition of excellence in the arts, with the district being named a Best Community for Music Education for 13 years in a row, an outstanding amount of nominations at the prestigious Tommy Tunes Awards, and even a Texas Dance Educator Association Director of the Year

“I know that the best is yet to come as these young creatives venture out to pursue their passions in all things fine arts, especially after being under the direction of our incredible fine arts educators,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “Congratulations! I cannot wait to see the beautiful work you are sure to share with the world.”

We are so proud of each of our students and cannot wait to see all that is to come. Your Klein Family is rooting for you in your next chapter! See the list of students who signed below.

Grayson Adair, University of Texas at Austin - Graphic Design

Teacher: Ms. Edith Gomez

Jose Angel, Lone Star College and Sam Houston State University - Music Education with an Emphasis on Voice

Teachers: Ms. Elizabeth Marks and Ms. Kendra Morgan

Victor Arteaga, University of Houston - Music Education

Teacher: Mr. Carlos Lara

Jose Daniel Barrera, Undecided - Communications/Sound Engineering

Teacher: Mr. Jesse Espinosa

Sydnee Blackhurst, Savannah College of Art and Design - Dramatic Writing

Teacher: Mr. Matthew Robinson

Andrew Bonilla, Sam Houston State University - Music Performance

Teacher: Mr. David McGrath

Kevin Butler, Sam Houston State University - Music Education

Teacher: Mr. David McGrath

Adah Chamberlain, Baylor University - Biology and Theatre Arts

Teacher: Ms. Tina Domino

Jocelyn Chu, University of Kansas/Trinity University - Music Education

Teachers: Ms. Jennifer Hillen and Ms. Melinda Florian

David Crocker, Sam Houston State University - Theatre

Teachers: Ms. Robin Welch and Mr. Ryan Cooke

Isaiah Davis, Texas Southern University - Music Education

Teacher: Mr. Christopher Lambrecht

Hailey Edwards, Marymount Manhattan College - Acting

Teacher: Ms. Darchell Chesser

Jesse Espinosa, University of Texas - Jazz Studies

Teacher: Mr. Jesse Espinosa

Lauren Garcia, Baylor University - Music Performance

Teacher: Mr. Cameron Tesoro

Tess Goedde, Savannah College of Art and Design - Film and Television Production

Teachers: Mr. Matthew Robinson, Mr. Christopher Pruett, and Ms. Yizel Estrada

Bonte Grangue, Pratt Institue - Film 

Teacher: Mr. Daryle Freeman

John Gunter, University of Kansas - Cello Performance

Teacher: Ms. Jennifer Hillen

Isabelle Harrison, Kilgore College - Dance

Teacher: Ms. Olivia Martin

Joshua Daniel Hatfield, Texas A&M Commerce - Music Education 

Teacher: Mr. Robbie Green

Kylie Jones, University of Nebraska at Lincoln - Theatre

Teacher: Ms. Tina Domino

Marnie Kapich, Delamar Academy of Makeup and Hair - Advanced Prosthetics for Television and Film

Teacher: Ms. Robin Welch

Connor Knox, University of Houston/Sam Houston State University - Music Performance/Music Education

Teacher: Mr. Christopher Lambrecht

Dillon Knox, Sam Houston State University - Music Education, Tuba

Teacher: Mr. Christopher Lambrecht

Roman Losa, University of Texas at Austin - Acting

Teacher: Ms. Robin Welch Wood

Darrin Luong, University of Texas at Austin - Music Education

Teacher: Ms. Sundas Mohi-Truong

Julianne Mast, University of Oregon - Music Education

Teacher: Ms. Kelsey Bradberry

Varbie Mendez, Lone Star College - Art

Teacher: Ms. Kaylee Hill

Julian Nanez, Hofstra University - Dance

Teachers: Ms. Tina Domino and Ms. Heather Garsen

Cecili Nguyen, University of Texas at Austin - Music Education

Teacher: Ms. Sundas Mohi-Truong

Riley O’Keefe, Savannah College of Art and Design - Architecture

Teacher: Ms. Marisa Marsico

William Pogue, Dallas Baptist University - Music Business/Music Production

Teacher: Mr. Daryle Freeman

Luke Pollard, Sam Houston State University - Graphic Design

Teacher: Mr. Matthew Robinson

Michael Reynolds, Sam Houston State University - Music Education

Teacher: Mr. David McGrath

Mathew Richey, Brigham Young University - Music Composition

Teacher: Ms. Sundas Mohi-Truong

Savannah Shannon, Pepperdine University - Advertising

Teacher: Ms. Marisa Marsico

Addison Smith, Berklee College of Music - Songwriting

Teacher: Ms. Sundas Mohi-Truong

Persaes Tobias, Lone Star College - Applied Science and Motion Graphics

Teacher: Ms. Edith Gomez

Tyler Warnie, Manhattan School of Music - Vocal Performance in Musical Theatre

Teachers: Ms. Fayla Curry and Ms. Heather Leal

Courtney Watson, SCAD, SAIC, UNT - Industrial Design

Teachers: Ms. Kaylee Hill, Ms. Marisa Marsico, and Ms. Andrea Fort

Melissa Westrick, University of North Texas - Music Education

Teacher: Mr. David McGrath

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