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Beloved Longtime Board Member Georgan Reitmeier Retires

Beloved Longtime Board Member Georgan Reitmeier Retires
Jasmine Nguyen

Klein, TX – After 18 years of service to the Klein ISD Board of Trustees, distinguished Klein ISD Trustee Georgan Reitmeier has retired, choosing not to run for reelection.

Georgan Reitmeier has been an integral part of the Klein ISD family for over 30 years, beginning her years of service as a parent volunteer, then as an Early Childhood Interventionist, and later as a School Board member since her first elected term as a trustee in 2005. While on the Board, she tirelessly advocated for public education, earning a Master Trustee certification, among other commendations.

“I am thankful for how Georgan and her husband, Tom, love and serve using every gift, talent, and opportunity they have to make the Klein community a better place,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “What a comfort that is for all of us as parents in this school district to know that this is the caliber of individuals we have leading our district. Georgan’s faithfulness has made Klein better yesterday, today, and certainly moving forward. Thank you, Georgan, for everything you’ve given to Klein ISD for the past 18 years as a board member. We will make sure we honor the work you have done and that we continue to stand on your shoulders for the benefit of all the kids and families in Klein ISD and our Klein community at large. We love you and wish you all the best in this next chapter!”


A celebration of her service and dedication to our Klein ISD kids, teachers, and community culminated in a clap-out as Mrs. Reitmeier walked into her last board meeting as a Klein ISD Board Trustee.


“I think one of the things I’ve always admired about Georgan is the way she has so much grace,” Klein ISD Board President Mr. Rob Ellis said. “She has relentless optimism and dedication to do what’s best for kids and doesn’t let other things distract her. She is able to stay poised under pressure and always has a tremendous amount of grace for other people. Thank you, Georgian, for all you’ve done for the Klein family for so long.”

Congratulations to Mrs. Georgan Reitmeier on her retirement. Klein ISD students, families, and staff are forever grateful for your contribution and impact on our school district and Texas public education as a whole.

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Major Accomplishments

  • Distinguished Leadership: Former President of the Gulf Coast Area Association of School Boards and currently serves on the Board of Trustees for the Lone Star Investment Pool.

  • Community Involvement: Founding member of the Cypress-Woodlands Junior Forum and recipient of the 2013 AAUW Outstanding Women in Education award.

  • Educational Stewardship: Former director of the Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) Keep Pace program for children with special needs.

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