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Freshman Madilyn Schultz hits 200 Strikeouts in First Bearkat Season

Freshman Madilyn Schultz hits 200 Strikeouts in First Bearkat Season
Jasmine Nguyen

Klein High freshman Madilyn Schultz hit 200 strikeouts in her debut on the varsity softball team. This is a great accomplishment and an incredible start to what we know will be an incredible high school athletic career. 

KHS Softball poses for M. Schultz 200 Ks

“Everyone surprised me at the game when I hit 200 strikeouts—my friends, my family, my teammates. They all kept track,” Madilyn said. “I didn’t really even know I was about to hit 200. I just took each strikeout one by one and worked my best. It’s a great surprise and an awesome accomplishment. I’ve hit 100 strikeouts before, but I’ve never hit 200 in one season.”

Two hundred strikeouts are impressive, but what Madilyn is most proud of is making it to the varsity team and joining a team she truly loves.

“I did my best in tryouts and came in there believing I was able to accomplish my goal. I’ve been waiting for competition at the high school level since the start of middle school, and I remember being so excited to make new friends and get to know my teammates,” Madilyn said. “It’s been really great—our team has an awesome bond, and we’ve clicked since day one. I think we complement each other’s skills and play together very well. We just have fun.”

Madilyn made it a point to celebrate her strikeouts with her catcher, sophomore Clara Kubala, who has attended every one of Madilyn’s pitching lessons since the beginning of the year, long before the season started. 


Madilyn and Clara holding a sign and balloons

“During the season, we have practices every day after school, and I also receive private pitching lessons,” Madilyn said. “Clara decided she would come to those lessons, and ever since then, she’s been someone I know I can count on. She is always there for me, and I think that our bond on and off the field helps with our performance when we’re out on the field.” 

The bond between these two outstanding athletes has been what drives so much of their individual successes.

“It’s important to know my pitcher’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s not always easy for a pitcher to have that pressure, so it’s good for the catcher to know when to slow down the game,” Clara said. “The pitcher needs to feel secure, and that’s what I hope I provide for Madilyn. Softball is like a sisterhood. We hang out outside of school and on the field. We love each other and choose to be around each other.”

With a winning mindset and a strong support system, Madilyn is well on her way toward her future goal of playing at the collegiate level. 

“That’s been my biggest dream since I started playing. I think it would be a great opportunity. Whoever gives me a chance at the next level, I’ll take it,” Madilyn said.

She also expressed her gratitude to her coach, family, and teammates. 

Madilyn Schultz pitches

“Coach Lange is amazing. She pushes me every day and reassures me when I’m struggling. Her experience as a former pitcher is invaluable. My family’s support is incredible—they come to all my games. My entire family was at my last home game. It’s great to know they care and support my goals. I want to thank my family, coaches, pitching coach, and Clara for always believing in me.”

As for next season, both Clara and Madilyn have playoffs in their sights.

“Our goal is to make it to the playoffs next year. As a young team, we have the potential to grow and achieve this goal,” Clara said. 

Congratulations to Madilyn Schultz on 200 strikeouts during her freshman year. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this Bearkat athlete!

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