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Haude Elementary Crochet Club Weaving Threads of Creativity

Haude Elementary Crochet Club Weaving Threads of Creativity
Chelsea Ceballos

In a corner of Haude Elementary School's library, the soft click of crochet hooks and the hum of laughter have become a common melody. 

The Crochet Club, started last year by the school's librarian, Ms. Rachel Newberry, and co-sponsor, Ms. Linda Owens, has transformed from a simple idea into a thriving hub of creativity and community for the students of Haude Elementary.

The beginning of this club traces back to when teachers swapped their morning duties halfway through the school year. Ms. Newberry was stationed near the 5th-grade hallway, where her mornings were filled with lively chats and bright smiles from the passing students. One of these students, Violet Garrison, a 5th grader at the time, stood out. She was proficient at crocheting and had a passion for it.

"Violet's crochet skills were impressive," Ms. Newberry recalled. "She showed me some of her creations, and that's when we discovered our shared love for amigurumi crochet." 

Initially, the plan was to organize a one-time crochet event at Haude Elementary. However, the enthusiasm among the students was so contagious that it quickly evolved into a weekly club. To meet the growing demand, it became a twice-weekly affair.

This year, the Crochet Club is taking a step further in its mission to spread the joy of crochet. The plan is to organize the club into skill-level stations. Each station will cater to a different level of expertise, from absolute beginners to advanced crocheters. The club's aim is to make the art of crochet accessible to as many students as possible.

"I think it is a creative outlet," Amy Toch, a 5th grader who is a member of the Crochet Club, said. "Basically, whatever is on your mind or how you are feeling - you crochet something that represents that. It is a really fun time to collaborate and hang out with your friends."

For Amy and her peers, the Crochet Club is more than just a creative pastime; it's a way to express themselves, connect with friends, and develop lifelong skills. The club's growth is not just evidence of the popularity of crochet but also of the dedication and passion of Ms. Newberry, Ms. Owens, and the students who have woven threads of creativity and community within the walls of Haude Elementary School.


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