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Klein ISD Board of Trustees Named 2024 Region 4 Board of the Year

Klein ISD Board of Trustees Named 2024 Region 4 Board of the Year
Justin Elbert

KLEIN, TX—The Klein ISD Board has just been honored as one of the top school boards in Texas for their unwavering dedication to student success, community involvement, and fostering a supportive and enriching atmosphere for students, educators, and families. 

The Board spearheaded numerous initiatives over the past several years, including strategic planning, policy updates, and substantial bond approvals to enhance the district’s overall educational experience.

Their commitment and heartfelt dedication to our students and staff in maintaining Klein ISD’s financial stability and educational excellence serve as a foundation for Klein ISD’s success.

“I am incredibly proud to congratulate our exceptional school board on this well-deserved honor,” Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown, who nominated the Board for this recognition, said. “Klein ISD is a family focused on student success, and it begins at the top with our outstanding school board.”

Representing Klein ISD as its Board of Trustees:

  • Cathy Arellano, President
  • Dustin Creager, Vice President
  • Doug James, Secretary
  • Ronnie Anderson
  • Rob Ellis
  • Dustin Qualls
  • Chris Todd

"This incredible team of dedicated leaders–who are all current or former Klein ISD parents and several who are Klein ISD graduates themselves–selflessly volunteer their time and talent to serve our schools and community,” Dr. McGown said. “Their dedication and visionary leadership have profoundly and positively impacted our district, creating an environment where Klein ISD’s tradition of excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics continues to thrive.”

The Klein ISD Board’s collective efforts have contributed significantly to the district’s success and the well-being of its students and staff. Their student-focused, cohesive dedication can be seen through the top-notch achievements of students in the Triple-A successes of Klein ISD: Academics, the Arts, and Athletics. From earning the prestigious National Blue Ribbon Award to earning consecutive State titles in athletic competitions, and receiving national recognition for the 13th straight year in the Arts as a top-performing district in music education, the Board remains dedicated to the talented students of Klein ISD.

“We are deeply honored to receive this recognition,” Board President Cathy Arellano said. "Our commitment has always been to serve our students, educators, and community with dedication and integrity. This award reflects the hard work and collaborative spirit of our entire Klein ISD family, and we are truly grateful for this acknowledgment of our efforts.”

One of the Board’s notable achievements is the successful passage of an $895 million bond in May 2022, the largest in the district’s history. These funds are being used to enhance safety and security, address growth and capacity challenges, modernize aging schools, and upgrade athletic, art, and academic facilities. The bond also supports integrating advanced technology in classrooms to personalize learning and improve educational outcomes.

The Klein ISD Board of Trustees, last named Region 4 Board of the Year in 2012, leads with thoughtful decision-making and a steadfast commitment to prioritizing the needs of students. This ethical approach has fostered a culture of trust and collaboration within the district.

A big congratulations to this incredible group of volunteers and servant-hearted leaders who give their time and talent to our Klein ISD students, teachers, and our Klein ISD community as a whole. 
To learn more about Klein ISD’s remarkable Trustees, visit the Klein ISD Board of Trustees website.

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