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Meet Ethan Tran: 2024 Klein High Valedictorian

Meet Ethan Tran: 2024 Klein High Valedictorian
Terencia Lee

Klein High’s 2024 class valedictorian, star musician, and standout student Ethan Tran is sure to make his fellow Bearkats proud! 

The sky's the limit for Ethan, who plans to double major in Physics and Computer Science. Once he graduates from college, he’ll decide whether to pursue a Ph.D. or pursue his passion for esports and become a Valorant Esports Analyst.

“To merely commend Ethan for his hard work or intellect would be an injustice, as I have had many students who possess those qualities. He is more than that. He excels academically and demonstrates remarkable ingenuity and thoughtfulness that extends beyond our classroom,” Klein High Math teacher Mr. Charles Lin said. “Moreover, Ethan’s leadership among his peers is undeniable.  He often takes the initiative to bring friends together, not only for academic purposes but for endeavors. It has been an honor to serve as Ethan’s math teacher for the past two years. Ethan, I can speak with the utmost confidence: high school will NOT be your peak in life!”

During his time at Klein High, Ethan immersed himself fully in his studies and extracurricular activities. He is an award-winning violinist and pianist who plays in the school orchestra and has earned many accolades. 

As a standout scholar, Ethan has participated in many academic extracurricular activities. He has been President and Vice President of Mu Alpha Theta, President and Treasurer of the Nation English Honor Society, and President and Vice President of the Computer Science Club. As a testament to his academic success, he is also a National Merit Scholar Finalist. 

Ethan is a proficient robotics participant, earning 1st place in State and Region and then competing nationally. He holds a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. 

His orchestral accomplishments include two All-State Violinists recognitions, four All-Region recognitions, and four Outstanding Performer recognitions at the Klein Solo and Ensemble. In addition to his orchestral achievements, he’s a phenomenal pianist, earning four Superior Plus Ratings from the American College of Musicians Guild Audition and first prize in the Young Artist Competition. 

Ethan notes that one of his favorite teachers, Mr. Lin, highlighted many of his fondest memories at Klein Cain. He knew from the beginning that Mr. Lin would greatly impact his life. 

“As I look back on my time in Klein ISD, I cannot help but be truly astonished and grateful for the incredible quality of teachers I have learned from. Despite covering different disciplines, they all share a contagious passion for their field that has always created a safe space where I’m excited to learn,” Ethan said. “Even more, these teachers’ lessons have endowed me with courage and wisdom, and none of my successes would have been possible without them. To my teachers: thank you for enduring my endless questions and tangential conversations; it’s difficult to imagine a better learning experience than what you provided me.”

This Bearkat is truly remarkable, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for Ethan! Great work; your Klein Family will be here cheering you on for years to come.

Ethan Tran


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