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Mr. Adrian Sendejas: ‘I’m in the business of making good people’

Mr. Adrian Sendejas: ‘I’m in the business of making good people’
Jasmine Nguyen

Mr. Adrian Sendejas is a businessman. 

“It may sound a bit cliché, but the truth is I am in the business of making good people,” he said. “I want to help build my students into people who are responsible, make good and thoughtful decisions, and strengthen our community.”

Currently teaching English at Klein Forest High School, Mr. Sendejas is a staunch believer in the power of education and the many pathways it can unlock.

“In school, I was an average student who was often overlooked in class and kept to myself. It wasn’t until college that I started to morph into who I am today.”

His experience in school is what drives him to be the best he can for his students.

“Often in my classes, it’s the students that are quiet that need the most help, so I try my best to teach them both ELA skills and life skills, like perseverance,” Mr. Sendejas said. “I try to teach my students to search for their passions in life and to think about how to use those passions to help their community.”

A man who leads by example, Mr. Sendejas uses his passion to help students of the four-legged variety. 

“My wife and I founded Santo’s Sanctuary and Rescue in 2021. Since then, we have saved over 500 dogs right here in Greenwood Forest and surrounding areas,” Mr. Sendejas proudly stated. “My wife, who shares my passion for animals, and I began helping with homeless dogs because they are often overlooked and truly voiceless.”

Aside from his passion for advocating for causes close to his heart and home, Mr. Sendejas is forever dedicated to his original line of work.

“It’s all about turning my students’ passions into tangible, contributing factors in our community, all while helping them strengthen their core foundations, the parts that make them good people.”

Without a doubt, Mr. Sendejas is in the perfect place to pursue his purpose: inside a classroom here in our Klein, TX community. 

Learn more about Santo’s Sanctuary and Rescue: 

Want to read what Mr. Sendejas is like from a student perspective? Read an article about him written by The Klein Forest Pinnacle Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Emillie Siv.

Pictured with Mr. Sendejas: Talon, a fortunate pup found on Klein Forest grounds, now in the care of Santos’s Sanctuary and Rescue. See how you can adopt Talon or another pet from Santo’s Sanctuary and Rescue here!

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