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Ms. Nicole Doerre Peters Named Distinguished Alumna of the Month

Ms. Nicole Doerre Peters Named Distinguished Alumna of the Month
Jessica Williams

At the September meeting of the Board of Trustees, Ms. Nicole Doerre Peters was honored as the Distinguished Klein ISD Alumna. Board Vice President Ms. Cathy Arellano nominated Ms. Peters.

Ms. Peters' educational career began in our Klein High Family of Schools as she attended Theiss Elementary, Doerre Intermediate, and graduated from Klein High School. While at Klein ISD, she excelled in academics and was a leader throughout her years in Klein as she furthered her passion for learning and serving through Klein's Early Childhood Education program.

Ms. Peters attended Sam Houston State University, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Education and an EC-8th grade certification. Armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, she was ready to step into the world and make a difference. After graduating from college, she began her teaching career in Conroe before returning to Klein ISD and becoming a professional “Klein Volunteer.”

"I'm honored to be named the Klein ISD Alumna of the Month. I'm a proud member of the Klein Family," Ms. Peters said. "My grandfather was a Doerre, and my grandmother was a Wunderlich—it is in my blood. I am happy to be in this district and to be able to call it "home." It is a great place to live in and raise your children."

Ms. Peters started volunteering in the PTO, where she worked as Vice President, President, and Volunteer Coordinator. She has also participated in the Klein Leadership Coalition, Bond Steering Committee, Vote Yes Klein community advocacy group, and the Student Health Advisory Council. She is a mentor in the Klein Mentorship program and has recently been named a Director of the Klein Education Foundation. Ms. Peters has worked tirelessly as one of the organizers of book, coat, and food drives for families in our community. She also co-founded the Facebook group Stand Up for Klein ISD, which promotes accurate, positive news of Klein ISD to our community through social media. 

Ms. Peters' volunteerism within the Klein Family has been inspiring. Her selfless contributions have enriched the lives of countless students and educators. Ms. Peters' genuine passion for giving back and creating a nurturing environment sets her apart. 

As we reflect on what makes Klein, Texas, unique, we are reminded of the values that define us—unity, dedication, and community. Ms. Peters embodies these values, serving as a beacon of inspiration for us all. Through her actions, she's shown us that the strength of our community lies in our shared commitment to one another and taking excellent care of our cherished school district. 

We are beyond grateful to Ms. Peters for being a treasured alumna of Klein High School and a phenomenal community leader and volunteer. Please join us in congratulating Ms. Peters as the September Distinguished Alumna of the Month!

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