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Klein Forest Coach Named Best Coach in the Nation

Klein Forest Coach Named Best Coach in the Nation
Terencia Lee

KLEIN, TX - Klein Forest High School’s very own Remon Smith is the Nation’s latest Coach of the Year. Following a winning track and field season, Coach Smith was recognized by MileSplit for his outstanding leadership. 

Coach Smith found his passion for sports in middle school. He notes that the care and compassion he received from his middle school coach, Andrew Blanks, and high school coach, Jim Swartzbach, shaped how he leads his team today. 

“The passion and love my coaches showed for the sport and the athletes inspired me. I model my approach to coaching with the same passion for my athletes on and off the track,” Coach Smith said. “The greatest thrill and enjoyment I get from coaching is watching my athletes’ excitement when they accomplish a feat or an event they thought impossible. I like to see my athletes push themselves outside their comfort zone.”

Throughout his academic career, Coach Smith has shined in the classroom. He was an honor roll student at St. Thomas High School and made the Dean’s List for seven out of eight semesters at Randolph-Macon College. That level of excellence has continued during his time in Klein ISD. 

“I couldn’t be prouder of Coach Smith for this exceptional accomplishment. He shows up every day and exemplifies what it means to be a leader,” Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown said. “Coach Smith actively ensures that we all reach our shared vision by uplifting student-athletes and helping them find their purpose. Congratulations, Coach Smith, and thank you for helping deliver on our promise to our kids.”

Coach Smith was involved in both Football and Track and Field in high school. During this time, his team took home two State Football Championships and a Track and Field State Championship. His impressive athletic career at the school got him inducted into the St. Thomas High School Sports Hall of Fame in 2018.

At Randolph-Macon College, he was a four-year letterman in football. He graduated as the All-Time Leading Collegiate Rusher for the State of Virginia and was named to the All-American Team. With a record like that, it is not surprising that Coach Smith was inducted into the Randolph-Macon College Sports Hall of Fame in 2019. 

Coach Smith takes great pride in leading the Klein Forest boy's track team. For the last eight years, he has dedicated his time and resources to these Golden Eagles to prepare them to take themselves to the next level in sports and in life. 

“The key to a successful coaching career is making your athletes understand ‘we must make the uncomfortable comfortable,’ and they will do what others are unwilling to do,” Coach Smith said. “I also teach my athletes the training process because, in high school, it’s more about teaching than coaching.”

With nearly 30 years of coaching experience under his belt, it is safe to say that Coach Smith has a good grasp on how to connect with athletes.

“The advice I would give a new coach is always to make sure the kids know you care about them more than any athletic outcome,” Coach Smith said. “Once an athlete knows you care, there is no limit to how much effort they will put in.”

Coach Smith is as dedicated to his family off the track as he is to his family on the track. He has been happily married to his wife, Jennifer Smith, for 23 years. They have three wonderful daughters: Olivia, Chelsea, and Lauren. He is also the proud grandfather of grandson Jaharri and granddaughter Jayla.

Congratulations on being named the BEST coach in the nation, Coach Smith! We are so blessed to have outstanding leaders like you in our Klein Family.

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