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Sharp Tunes in with Student Musicians

Sharp Tunes in with Student Musicians
Terencia Lee

“I see the best in you, so I expect the best from you,” are words Frank Elementary music teacher and choir instructor Ms. Kaylyn Sharp says to her students daily. She is in her 17th year of teaching at the school and is still as passionate today about her role in students’ lives as she was on her first day. 

“My hope is that, beyond the music itself, my joy of learning, creating, and experiencing music compels them to enjoy the same things,” Ms. Sharp said.

Ms. Sharp has taught in the district for 23 years at various schools and has found her school home with Frank Elementary. She has had the privilege of teaching her own children and seeing an endless number of students grow from kindergarten through fifth grade.

While Ms. Sharp didn’t always know that she would be a teacher, one thing she’s known from the very beginning is her love for music, specifically singing.

“My mother and father recognized this and fostered opportunities, especially at church, to support that interest,” Ms. Sharp said. “My mother took me to my first musical at the Hobby Center, then called the Music Hall, and I was mesmerized by the orchestra and the performers on stage. It was from that day forward my life's path was changed.” 

In Ms. Sharp’s classroom, students get more than a music lesson. She strives to instill the idea of ‘ownership’ in her scholars. Each student can own their learning to reach their full potential. 

“I always tell them that I am “tricking you into your greatness," through singing games and activities that challenge them while bringing joy,” Ms. Sharp said. “I have always felt that their only limit in what they can accomplish is themselves. My students are phenomenal musicians and curious learners!”

Frank has an award-winning choir led by Ms. Sharp. Over the years, the school has participated in countless competitions and earned recognition from the TMEA. 

“We had our first performance the first day that Frank opened in 2007 before students even entered the school,” Ms. Sharp said. “Our Choir and Chimes has served our Frank community from that day forward, with that legacy being continued by hundreds of young musicians over the years, as well as beloved colleagues. It is something greater than us that I am honored to be a part of.”

As a long-time educator, Ms. Sharp has a clear philosophy of connecting with her students first and foremost. 

“I always say that I teach children, not music. I teach children through music. Focus first on teaching them, and the rest will follow,” Ms. Sharp said. 

In just a few short moments with Ms. Sharp, it’s easy to see why she was named Frank Elementary’s 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year. She genuinely enjoys working with her students every day. 

“Music is one of the few opportunities we have to create something together that is even greater than we can as individuals. I find joy in guiding my students to their talents, expanding their knowledge and creativity as individuals and as a team,” Ms. Sharp said. “It is one of the greatest privileges of my life to be a part of that process. I get to witness their unlimited capacity for joy, growth, kindness, empathy, and music-making. How could I ask for more?”

Thank you, Ms. Sharp, for your unwavering dedication to your students! We are so blessed to have educators who see the potential in our forever learners and lifelong musicians like you.

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