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She has VISION! Meet Dr. Carrie Campbell, Klein Oak High School

She has VISION! Meet Dr. Carrie Campbell, Klein Oak High School
Jessica Williams

Dr. Carrie Campbell, licensed Optometrist and esteemed Health Science Technology teacher at Klein Oak High School focuses on nurturing her students' growth and instilling a genuine interest in healthcare.

Her unwavering dedication and expertise in Optometry make her an invaluable asset to her students, enhancing the classroom experience for all fortunate to cross her path.

Join us as we dive into a day in the life of Dr. Campbell, illuminating her role at Klein Oak High School.


How did you become both a teacher and an optometrist?

"My senior year of high school, I stumbled upon an article that discussed a fascinating concept – the ability to detect diabetes by examining the back of a person's eye. I thought, “this is what I want to do." The idea of potentially preventing people from getting seriously ill by catching diabetes early was incredibly appealing.

I embarked on a new path and enrolled in graduate school to become an optometrist. I wanted to be on the front lines of diabetes detection and prevention through eye examinations. However, as I delved deeper into the field, I realized detecting diabetes-related changes in the back of the eye typically only occurs after a person has been ill for an extended period. My initial aspirations and where I ended up were quite different.”


How do you integrate your optometry knowledge into your teaching?

"I often find myself drawing from my own experiences when teaching. For instance, if the topic is neurology, I might share a story about a real neurology case I've encountered. Similarly, in discussions about communication, I'll recount both good and bad experiences in communicating with my patients or my assistant. These stories aren't fabricated; they're genuine, real-world examples.

My experiences bring an added dimension to the classroom. I can provide insights and information that someone with my background might be able to. I aim to support my students and give them that extra layer of understanding that can make a significant difference in their future careers."


What methods or strategies do you find most effective in educating your students?

"I don't teach Optometry per se, but my role requires a deep understanding of pharmacology and pharmacy. I'm responsible for writing prescriptions and interpreting them when I gather patient histories. This year, I'm instructing pharmacy tech and pharmacology courses, which fall squarely within my expertise.”


What advice would you give to students interested in pursuing a career in optometry?

"When I talk to high school kids, I explain the different pathways I teach, particularly in pharmacy. I tell them that this pathway is an excellent choice if they want to become a doctor. It gives them a head start and provides them with pharmacy knowledge that will come in handy when they eventually enter medical school.

If they're interested in pursuing a career as a nurse, I recommend our Certified Nursing Assistant Pathway. We also offer a certified Medical Assistant Program for students interested in nursing. Additionally, they can consider the Diagnostic Pathway, which teaches skills like performing EKGs and leads to certification in that area. We also have another pathway that doesn't involve a practicum but covers Medical Microbiology and Pathophysiology.

I always encourage them to apply early and often because the ultimate goal is to get into their desired programs, regardless of where they end up going."

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Campbell for her dedication and effort in shaping the future of our exceptional students, equipping them for a rewarding journey in the healthcare field. Your commitment to education does not go unnoticed, and we deeply value your contributions.


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