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Teacher Feature: DeLette Roussell, Nitsch Elementary

Teacher Feature: DeLette Roussell, Nitsch Elementary
Jasmine Nguyen

There is nothing ordinary about the learning happening in Ms. DeLette Roussell’s classroom. 

This third-grade Reading and Writing teacher at Nitsch Elementary consistently creates a classroom environment where students can truly be themselves, be unafraid to take on a challenge, and exceed expectations. Ms. Roussell genuinely builds trust with her students and knows them by name, strength, and need.

“It may sound like a cliche, but my inspiration [to teach] comes from my students’ faces when I see them excited to make connections, discover new ideas, share their experiences and thoughts, and take ownership of their learning,” Ms. Roussell said.

After witnessing a student face his fear by reading aloud to his classmates, one can only feel overwhelmed with joy for the brave Nitsch Knight and pure admiration for the educator who encouraged him to shine bright.

“The most special thing about Nitsch students is their grit,” Ms. Roussell said. “No matter their circumstances, our students show up, set goals, work hard, and achieve!”

As a 15-year Klein ISD educator, Ms. Roussell acknowledged that even her personal success did not come without a shoulder to lean on and a strong support system.

“Throughout my years here in Klein, I have been blessed to have worked with several administrators and many fellow teachers who have been great at coaching, guiding, and collaborating,” Ms. Roussell said. “Their support and encouragement have propelled me to push through many challenges and strive to be the best at my craft.”

Ms. Roussell is a truly dedicated teacher and an active member of our Klein Family.

“I live in Klein, and my children are graduates of this district,” Ms. Roussell said. “I choose to stay in Klein because I want to continue to be a part of “Every.” I genuinely believe in the Klein ISD vision, and each year, I build new relationships with a new group of students in the hopes that I am doing my part to help entering students exit with a purpose.”

Though her belief in ‘Promise to Purpose’ certainly plays a significant role in her drive to be the best teacher possible, the special moments fill her cup. 

“The moments that really touch my heart are: the beginning of the school year convocations which are so encouraging and uplifting, the first week of school which is exciting as I am beginning to build relationships with my students, and the high school senior “Clap Out,” when I get to see my former students ready to begin the next chapter in their lives,” Ms. Roussell said.

We are so thankful for teachers like Delette Roussell for making learning fun and centering their classroom culture around courage, trust, and compassion. Thank you for all you do, Ms. Roussell!

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