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Yee-Haw! Klein ISD Hosts First-Ever Special Education Rodeo

Yee-Haw! Klein ISD Hosts First-Ever Special Education Rodeo
Jessica Williams

In the heart of Klein, Texas, excitement filled the air as the inaugural Special Education (SPED) Rodeo giddied up.

This 2-day event was not your typical Rodeo; it celebrated over 300 students receiving special education services in our district.

Held at the Klein Multipurpose Center, students from various programs, including ACCESS, BASE, BASE+, and Making Connections, gathered eagerly to explore the AgriScience Pathway, an opportunity opening doors to a world of possibilities.

"It's so awesome to see our kids have a day where they can just enjoy themselves while having authentic learning experiences as they would have at a rodeo," Klein ISD Executive Director of Special Programs Dr. Kirsten Allman said, "Events like this one highlight the significance of Promise to Purpose, and it's very inspiring."

A bale of hay sits underneath a fake steer head

Some of the Rodeo activities included potting pumpkin seeds and offering students a hands-on lesson in the life cycle of pumpkins. Steer roping helped students refine fine and gross motor skills while fostering resilience and perseverance. Barrel racing demanded mental focus and strategic thinking, leaving each participant with a sense of accomplishment.

At the Lakeshore Learning-sponsored archery range, students discovered the values of honesty and integrity as they scored their shots, promoting sportsmanship and fair play. The petting zoo was a favorite, instilling responsibility and empathy as they interacted with animals from our Wunderlich Farm.

"Gone Fishing" brought smiles and cheers, improving hand-eye coordination and observation skills. Carnival games challenged strategic thinking, problem-solving, and social interaction, while the photo booth encouraged creativity and turn-taking.


Volunteers from Klein Oak and Klein Cain FFA not only assisted with games and activities at the Rodeo but also gained a deeper understanding of the unique challenges faced by these students. This experience fueled empathy, setting them toward leadership, compassion, and community involvement.

Junior Kodee-Jo was excited to give back to her fellow students on behalf of the Klein Cain FFA.

"My favorite part of helping out today is probably interacting with all the kids and seeing what it's like for the educator," Kodee-Jo said. "It feels terrific to help other people and make them happy."


The Rodeo was a bridge to a brighter future where every student's potential could flourish. It was a testament to the power of education, compassion, and community, reminding all that opportunities and dreams know no bounds in Klein ISD.

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