External Research

Conducting External Research in Klein Independent School District

External Research is defined as any data collection conducted by an outside agency in Klein ISD or initiated by a Klein ISD staff member for purposes beyond his or her job function (i.e. thesis, dissertation, course requirements). 

Generally the following types of research will be considered for approval: 

  • Projects that address the district's shared vision
  • Projects that address critical research needs of the district 
  • Projects conducted by an employee of Klein ISD in the fulfillment of the requirements of an advanced degree or certification
  • Projects where the research is of benefit to the district and is based upon sound research

Research studies not suitable for application include: 

  • Projects requiring undue paperwork for teachers/staff 
  • Projects that encroach upon instructional time or statewide testing periods 
  • Projects infringing upon teachers' 45 minute planning period 
  • Projects conducted at the expense of the district
  • Projects to be sold 
  • Data collection of personal information concerning students and their families, or staff 

Please allow 15 working days from the submission of your request for final written approval.

Click here to learn how to prepare a request for permission to conduct external research in Klein ISD. 

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