Career & Technical Education


Students face a changing work place with increased international competition and new technologies. They need current information, rigorous academics and training. The Career & Technical Education Department assist students with that process!

Career & Technical Education

"Preparing for the Future"

 The Klein ISD Career & Technical Education Programs complement and enhance academic preparation by enabling students to apply academic principles and technical skills essential to career success. CTE allows students to see the relevance of their academic preparation to their future career goals. Our programs of study include coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant career technical content.

Our Career and Technical Education Programs include:

  • A relevant, coherent sequence of CTE courses with college credit opportunities.
  • Opportunities for industry-recognized certifications and licensure
  • Extended learning including curricular and extracurricular activities, work-based and service learning, and professional associations
  • Preparing students for the changes and challenges of the future enabling them to pursue productive and fulfilling lives




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