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Klein ISD’s Two-Way Dual Language Pathway is a biliteracy program that integrates native Spanish speakers and native English speakers through literacy in the core areas of Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through Fifth Grade, all core subjects (Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies) are taught 50% in Spanish and 50% in English.

The Goal of the Dual Language Pathway is to help students become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural while promoting high academic achievement. This pathway will provide an opportunity for students to exemplify Profile of a Learner and Profile of a Leader preparing them to excel in a global community.



  • Promote a new appreciation for other cultures and languages.
  • Develop high academic levels in new language while maintaining high levels of achievement in their native language.
  • Positively impact writing, comprehension, and problem-solving skills.
  • Promotes cognitive development in the areas of creativity, divergent and higher order thinking.
  • Eligibility for students to receive Spanish High School Credit in Intermediate School.

  • Families attend an informational meeting to better understand the program components and requirements.
  • Families complete appropriate application.
  • If selected, through the lottery process, families sign a partnership agreement.


What schools will offer Two-Way Dual Language Pathway in 2019-20?

Brill Elementary - Kindergarten
Kaiser Elementary - Kindergarten
Klenk Elementary - Kindergarten & Grade 1
Zwink Elementary - Kindergarten & Grade 1

How much Spanish/English instruction will my child receive?
Students receive 50% instruction in Spanish and 50% instruction in English.

What is our commitment to the program?
In order to achieve bilingualism and biliteracy at high academic levels, students must remain in the program through 5th grade.

I don’t speak English/Spanish at home. Is that going to affect my child’s academic development?
Not at all! Students will be highly supported at school, and we will share resources for home.


Sandra Speer
Principal, Brill Elementary

9102 Herts Road Klein, TX 77379

Betty Zavala
Principal, Kaiser Elementary

13430 Bammel N. Houston Road Klein, TX 77066

Allie Martin
Principal, Klenk Elementary

6111 Bourgeois Road Klein, TX 77066

Katie Turner
Principal, Zwink Elementary

22200 Frassati Way Klein, TX 77389

Kathy Vergara 
Instructional Officer, Multilingual

4411 Louetta Road, Klein, TX 77388

Department of Multilingual Services
Teaching & Learning Center

4411 Louetta Road, Klein, TX 77388

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